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Sata III compatibility

Is a Sata III hard disk compatible with nvidia nforce 610i motherboard? :hello:
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  1. The motherboard only supports SATA II speeds.
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    ANS - Compatible YES ; Ideal Depends -> HDD/HHD Good...-> C300 SSD...Loses Speed.

    SATA3 Interface is backwards compatible with SATA2 Interface.
  3. So I may keep a SATA III HDD but won't experience much of the speed isn't it?
  4. ^ You'll lose next to nothing with a HDD with SATA3 Interface. ANY SATA3 HDD is approximately 1/2 of the SATA2 limit of 300 MB/s per device limit.

    6.0 Gb/s SATA3 - Refers ONLY to the Interface, and has NOTHING to do with the speed of the drives.

    DRIVE = 6.0 Gb/s SATA3 HDD R/W speed of 140 MB/s
    6.0 Gb/s SATA3 | 600 MB/s limit/Interface
    3.0 Gb/s SATA2 | 300 MB/s limit/Interface

    The HDD with a 140 MB/s CANNOT saturate either Interface...
  5. If it an SSD you are talking about, though, you could experience a slight loss in performance, but not anything you would have to write home about (yet). SSDs are getting faster, but they are not so fast yet that they can saturate a SATA3 channel. You could potentially saturate a SATA2 channel though.

    I think where you are going to find the strength of SATA3 is in better support of the standards as well as saturation through bridge-type applications where you have multiple SATA3 devices on the same channel.
  6. ^ And then ONLY if it breaches the 300 MB/s barrier; few and far between SSDs can; e.g. Crucial C300 128GB+ and then only the Reads - not the Writes.

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