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Spontanious Restart?

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March 11, 2010 5:23:19 PM

Hi everyone. I recently built a new computer for the first time, and it ran really well....until recently

i have an x58 le motherboard/ i7 extreme 975/ 6gb ddr3 triple channel 1600/ geforce gtx 285 with a 9800gt in physx/ 1000watt power supply/ cooler master atcs 840 case.

i actually just got the gtx 285 today and i had been using the 9800gt as my main gpu for a couple years. after i installed the 285 i went to start bad company 2 and after the title screen for the game my computer just restarts itself.

let me note that i am currently using the stock intel cooler for the cpu, i have a cooler master n520 that i can install in its place, and i'm using ocz freeze thermal compound, but i think i will get some arctic silver 5 instead because...(deep breath) when i first installed the stock cooler my cpu temp was around 25 idle, 30 or so while playing bad company 2 on max settings. i installed the n520 using the ocz freeze (not the stuff it came with) and my temperatures went to 34 idle, 41 playing the game. so i thought "must be the cooler" so i reinstalled the stock cooler with the ocz freeze and the temperatures are still around 34 idle and 41 playing the game, so it makes me think that ocz freeze is just junk. my core temperatures are nearing 50 idle and 50+ playing the game, which is why my computer is restarting. (even though friends of mine say their cpus are running at 40+ and their computers work fine)

also i wonder if its the power supply, its an Ultra X3 1000watt, but i dont have any hardware to test it, and i dont know of any software i can use to monitor it on my computer.

any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. and if the arctic silver 5 doesnt change anything i was thinking of getting a new cpu cooler :-/ so suggestions there are appreciated too..i have a few in mind though. (XIGMATEK HDT-S1283, Prolimatech Megahalem or Noctua NH-D14) Thanks everyone.

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March 12, 2010 7:03:38 AM

Did you go into control panel to "add/remove" the old nVidia software ?? Not just the drivers but everything ...

Generally, when I get ready to install a new GPU, I clean out EVERYTHING to do with the old one ... Dont assume the new install is smart enough to do all that for you ... even if it is also an nVidia product.

Re-seat the new card and get your weight directly over it and lean into it ... should "snap home". You know how that is. Reseat your ram and any power connectors associated with the GPU ... Use a different power connector on the GPU.

RE INSTALL that game (after comple de-install/removal) or, at least find a way to make sure the game has recognized the change in GPU cards ... Could be that the game set up for the old card, when you installed the game, and now it is looking for resources which are not in the "right place".

Also, keep your left thumb of the reset switch (wink).

= Alvin =
March 12, 2010 4:24:19 PM

A complete restart (like someone pulled the plug) rather than a crash or O/S lockup could also mean the PSU is not up to the job. Considering that Ultra is not a quality brand, the "1000W" on its label may be a lie.
A crash-to-desktop or a hang in the game could very well be what Alvin suggests, but I'm not sure a driver problem would cause restarts.
Have you tried something else that stresses your system, and would cause a similar (or greater) load than your game? If this test also causes restarts, it's the PSU (and don't do it more than necessary to confirm). From your other components, I'm guessing that you can afford quality parts, so I'd suggest a Seasonic X-650, X-750, or Antec SG-650 or SG-850 for your replacement PSU.