Wd green 1tb sata drives, unreliable?

Hello folks,
I've had I/O errors with these drives and we've had them fail on our VOD equipment at work and someone else I spoke to has had issues with them, are these drives to be avoided as my experience has been that they aren't very reliable at all.
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  1. In my experience, they don't seem to do well in RAID. They tend to drop out of a RAID container at random. I don't have any experience with them in VOD equipment, but they do seem to be problematic in DVR's.

    As a general storage drive, they are fine.

    *NOTE* - most of my experience is with the earlier 1.5Tb WD green drives. I'm assuming the 1Tb drives are just as finicky. Because of this i tend to stay away from WD green drives. I've had no issues with their blue and black drives.
  2. They don't do well with RAID/are unreliable due to their idle head setting. The heads park themselves after 8 secs or so of idle time. This causes them to unpark and park themselves constantly which wears the heads. A drive is only good for so many "load/unload" cycles. There is a utility from WD to change the head idle time setting on the disks. If you do this they should be approximately as reliable as any other consumer grade disk and should do well in RAID.
  3. No issues with WD 'Green' 1-, 1.5-, or 2TB drives over here --- I've filled up 3 external enclosures with them.

    They certainly are not meant for a RAID, though ...
  4. i've had two die within a month of recieving them. Got a black drive and it's been running for 2months+
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