Something is leeching space from my SSD...

Steps i have already did:

1. Turned off hibernate in CMD prompt.
2. Moved page file.
3. Turned off system restore.

What else could be stealing space from my SSD? Every few hours it seems i lose 100mb or so.,
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  1. Run Windirstat, see if you can pickup on anything from it's report.
  2. Make a log of programs that you start. Check the disk space every hour and add that to the log. A pattern may emerge.

    Open the Properties dialogue for the drive and see what the Disk Cleanup button on the General tab has to say. See if the categories that it shows change in step with the disk space loss that you're logging.

    Do you have any programs that crash frequently, possibly leaving a batch of undeleted temporary files each time?

    Along those lines, do you use Internet Explorer? I no longer use IE much so can't check the latest version but its cache used to be prone to losing files after a crash. Lost files will not show up in the Temporary Internet Files folder in Explorer as that's a virtual folder designed to only show the filers that IE knows about.
  3. I was wondering where all my Emails from the IRS had gone to. Could you please return them? Darned cloud storage.
  4. Run Disk Cleanup in Windows.

    Then monitor it again.

    Could be something like IE Cache. Set it to erase after each shutdown.
  5. temporary internet files? happens if you're watching alot of youtube or other video streams regardless of the browser you're using

    run disk cleanup from within your ssd's properties
  6. Have you installed any Windows updates recently? Windows Vista and Windows 7 stores the update uninstlall files in C:\Windows\Winsxs. You can gain some of the space back by runing the service pack cleanup tool. You won't be able to uninstall the SP if you remove these files. These work in Vista but I am not sure if they exist in Windows 7.

    For Vista SP1 - Browse to C:\Windows\System32 and run vsp1cln.exe
    For Vista SP2 - Browse to C:\Windows\System32 and run compcln.exe
  7. Thx for the replies, i just ran disk cleanup and it only said i could clear up 9mb, since then ive lost another 100mb. No lie, i bet this thing fills itself up by the end of the week at this rate.
  8. - reduce system restore in Advanced settings
    - reduce recycling bin size
    - disk cleanup
    - check your c:\"user"\My Downloads folder
    - program files in the device manager and clear the crap out
    - hidden folder called App Data that has a FEW clutter things in there
    - picture folders with more recent high mega pixel cameras can easily exceed Gigs

    And the list goes on...
  9. Ya my first though was temp internet files too, but i did the cleanup like i said and there was only 9mb total. Im losing 100mb every few hours.

    Any other ideas?
  10. computernerdforlife said:
    - reduce system restore in Advanced settings
    - reduce recycling bin size
    - disk cleanup
    - check your c:\"user"\My Downloads folder
    - program files in the device manager and clear the crap out
    - hidden folder called App Data that has a FEW clutter things in there
    - picture folders with more recent high mega pixel cameras can easily exceed Gigs

    And the list goes on...

    I just installed win 7 on it yesterday so this SHOULDNt be too hard to figure out :P

    Like i said in the OP i already disabled system restore. I have almost no data other than drivers on my SSD (and world of warcraft).

    Im not looking to free up space because i still have 20gb free on a 60gb ssd, but i need to find the root of the problem.
  11. Have you done the SSD Tweaks? There is an article or thread in here...
  12. Please take tomatthe's advice and try windirstat. It will tell you where all disk space usage is. tomatthe, I, or any of a number of other members can help you interpret the results.
  13. Here is just downloaded space sniffer, i think i figured out how to post a screenshot. Since my first post i have lost like 400mb's (21.1gb's down to 19.7gb's, no idea where it went).:

    Can someone look at this and decipher it for me?
  14. That one seems small, is this one better:
  15. I see a backup file under windows section for 548mb's, but i have confirmed windows restore is shut off in my C drive. Could this be what keeps leeching 100mb's a day or so from my SSD?
  16. Type %appdata% into run and see what you can find in there. Computernerdforlife up above mentioned it but you haven't said whether you've tried it. You've got 1.2gb's in there. Also 1.3gb's in your user account.
  17. Here are the folders in appdata:

    Media Center Programs
    Splitmedialabs (my streaming program)

    I highlighted them all and right clicked properties and it said :

    size: 1.93mb's
    Size on disk: 2.45mb's

    So im not sure what to say.
  18. winsxs/backup is actually part of Microsoft's solution to what used to be called "DLL hell." The issue occurred when you installed multiple apps that used the same DLL - but expected different versions!

    Here is a decent article about it which mentions how not to clean it and some things that clean it. Removing the ability to back out patches and service packs is a time-honored way to save space, even back in XP.

    I'll look at the rest of the image later...

    EDIT: Here's an interesting quote from the usually reliable "Also, it really doesn't use as much extra disk space as it appears to because most stuff in other Windows folders and subfolders are just hard links to the winsxs files. "

    EDIT 2: And this:
  19. Something just occurred to me. Run SpaceSniffer again in a few hours and we'll compare the images side-by-side. That should definitely show where the space is going!
  20. I waited for it to do it, and sure as *** it happened. 100mb's gone since last i posted (about 7 hours ago):

    I havent looks thru it yet to compare with the image above, i am going to do that now and hopefully people who read this can as well so i can figure this out lol.
  21. I think i found it! Program files is up 100mb, from 1.0gb to 1.1 gb, then if you look down a bit you can see the AVAST folder is also larger. Now the question is, how the hell is the avast folder getting bigger.....and why?>
  22. It keeps downloaded the most recent virus definitions update. It includes all the previous definitions. There has got to be a log in there somewhere. Maybe you can clear it.

    I just did an update for Norton, and it was 2.4 MB, I think.
  23. Then that cant be it, since ive installed my SSD ive went from over 21gb down to 19.6 now, so thats a gig and a half unaccounted for (installed nothing on it).
  24. you recently installed Win 7 Correct. Im sure there is a couple hundred MB of updates that will need to be download and installed.
  25. I mean after the updates that were all installed...

    This is an ongoing thing, like the title says something is leeching space from my SSD, its not like a thing here or there because i have not installed anything on it. And its not 20mb's here 20mb's there, its 100mb's here 100mb's there.

    From the screenshots i took of space sniffer it seems the only thing that changed was avast folder, but i honestly dont think avast is the thing thats taking up THAT much room that ive been losing.
  26. Put your faith in comparative sniffer shots - it's the only evidence available.
    If I had that problem, I'd capture one a day and compare them side-by-side. I'm not going to do that with the two you posted, just because I have confidence that your conclusion is perfectly good.

    I'm an experimentalist - I like to get some concrete data and then make educated guesses based on that.

    EDIT: I don't know that tool. What does the blue mean?
  27. Admittedly, I have no idea what a "computer" is.

    If TRIM wasn't working, that wouldn't be stealing space would it? The SSD would just have to erase each area before writing, right? And it would keep a correct accounting of used/unused areas. Right?
  28. Uninstall the Avanst software, ans see if the leeching goes away, or is greatly diminished.

    Be careful whilst you have no anti-virus.

    Maybe try Windows Defender, or Norton.
  29. I don't see any resolution to this thread, which is EXACTLY what's happening to me? Except I can lose GB in a few hours? I can't get windirstat to work properly (I can't remember now what happened, but I will try again when I've finished some other stuff). In order to install (or even uninstall) ANYTHING, I have to try to find some files to save off to flash drive, and HURRY UP to get what I want installed, or I'll lose my space.

    I've done all the things: turned off hibernation, turned off/deleted system restore, decreased the pagefile to 512MB, cleared the temp int files, downloads, recycle bin (and set it to a small amount, too). I don't have a whole lot of personal files, b/c I keep them in the cloud, but I've offloaded most of them. I'm keeping some pics on there in order to have something to offload to give myself room to install something in the future--that's how bad it is!

    I have another laptop that had most of the same programs installed with very few differences (this one had less). They both have 256GB SSD, but the old one has 70GB left. This new Sony came with a lot of bloatware, but I've uninstalled as much as I dare. I've gone into "clean boot" mode and while it's much slower, still watched it suck up to 0bytes free.

    I'm convinced it's malware, though I try to be careful--don't open attachments, click on strange links, etc. Naturally, I run antivirus (Kaspersky), and MalwareBytes found nothing when I downloaded it several days ago. At this point, I figure I might as well reformat, since so much of my stuff has been uninstalled, but is it true some malware survives a reformat? Particularly a "quick" one, as has been recommended in my thread on this forum that isn't taxing on the SSD?

    I just feel like I'm getting no where!
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