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Best Low Profile Cooler

I was wondering what would be the best low profile or at least small enough in depth air cooler for my cpu for overclocking a bit. I have a thermaltake v3 black edition case hence the need for a low profile I do have 6 inches roughly of clearance from the cpu to the siding. I have been doing my own research as well but haven't really found anything that would make much difference for overclocking my AMD fx 4100 from its regular 3.8 GHZ to a max of 4.5 GHZ and this would only be when I ma playing one of my games which could us the extra clockspeed. Right now my idle temps are between 28 to 30 Celsius and my max loads are at 55 and that's after a long time of running my most powerful games. So any ideas on a very good cooler for my setup?
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    This seems to be the only comparison chart but may prove helpful scroll down for AMD performance
  2. That actually helps alot that they give the height and show with two or single fans I think I am going to lean towards a Noctua seems to have great temps and support as well as the small size. Thanks.
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  4. The Noctua nh-c14 is a great little unit,but not meant for overclocking.
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