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Hi, i changed my boot setting stupidly in my device manager .was harddrive(0) dvd drive(0) stiffy drive(0)etc. changed it to hard drive(1) dvd drive(1) stiffy drive(1) .trying to get my syst. to read my dvd drive.
after shutting down and restarting pc the messeage read"windows couldn't start due to comp. disk hardware configuration problem""couldn't read from selected boot disk.check boot path and disk hardware."

now i can fix the problem if i can get back into windows but as iv'e mentioned i can't get windows srarted again . my question is can i fix this in the bios or can i bypass bios somehow to get to device manager to undo what i did? please help (desperare here)
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  1. You can set drive priority in bios, look for the boot devices tab and set your desired drive as the boot drive.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Foums! :)

    If necessary change to boot priority to your ODD -1st priority then boot off your Windows CD/DVD and run F8 Repair. You changed/corrupted the "BOOT.INI" file in Windows. Very experienced users can boot off an 'emergency' disk and edit this file.

    Also using "R" -
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