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Hi, I'm going to make this rather short since I'm typIng on my iTouch. I have an OCZ Vortex 2 SSD (windows installed on it) and 2 HDD running in RAID. The other day I ran windows backup (backing up onto the 2 HDD) and it kept freezing part way through. I had to force reboot. Now, I'm having all sorts of problems. I tried to run an error scan with HD Tune, but every time Windows locks up and everything hangs; forcing me to hard reset. Also, when I try and benchmark the SSD on HD Tune, same thing happens. It seems to happen around the same spot every time. So... I thought maybe I should reformat. I tried to copy over some important files to my RAID, but every single time it's a large file, or a large number of files, it freezes. Couple of times now (including right now as I type this) when I reboot I get the error "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device..." Once I force off the PSU windows will boot up again.
So wutsup? Seems to me my SSD is dying...
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  1. Could be, shouldn't be.

    Crack the case, and make sure all the SATA cables are plugged in soundly to all devices. I once had a problems with my OCZ Agility 3s, the SATA cables would come loose on there own after 6 months of use. I got new drives, and SATA cables with latches, and hasn't happen since.

    Make sure the BIOS is seeing all the drives.

    You may have to reinstall Windows. If you do, make sure you do a Secure Erase of the SSD first. This will "reset" all the cells to "fresh state."
  2. Thanks for the reply. Cables all seem to be secure. Anyways, I reformatted (didn't do a Secure Erase... didn't even know about that) but everything seems to be working now!
  3. Great to hear!

    Secure Erase is good, but not absolutely needed. Formatting re-writes to the whole drive, Secure Erase blanks the drive without writing to every cell. But you still have to format upon install (quick format).

    You're good. One (extra) format won't kill the drive.
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