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Hi Guys,

I thought of buying a new monitor to extend my current laptop monitor and hope I can get a bigger screen like 24 inch. However, I'm currently using NVIDIA Geforce go 7200 with the resolution of 1280 x 800. What would you guys recommended. Would that actually works or should I go with the smaller size of monitor like 17 - 19 inch ?

Any advise will be much appreciated
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  1. Are u a gamer? If u r not a gamer u can go with the 24" LCD, ur geforce go 7200 will be Ok otherwise ur gfx will be weak for gaming at 24",So get a 17" 0r 19"
  2. Since your current computer is a laptop, you cannot upgrade the graphics card in it.
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention it in the previous post that the reason I want a 24 inch LCD is because I want to use it to play PS3. But it will be just an extended monitor if i use it with my laptop.

    I have spoken to a guy in the computer shop and he says that the resolution will go very ugly if i go with 24 inch LCD since my graphic card only supports 1280 x 800. Is that the case ? Has anyone using NVIDIA Geforce go 7200 with 24 inch LCD ?

    Yup thats the horrible part as it's quite complicated to upgrade the graphic cards in laptop.
  4. paperfox said:
    Since your current computer is a laptop, you cannot upgrade the graphics card in it.

    Completely false statement.

    OP what kind of laptop do you have?

    I had a Dell e1705 (9400) and upgraded to a Go GTX6600 taking my ATI POS out. I used a Dell 2407WFP monitor with the DVI cable and still have the component inputs for my Xbox 360. Even played CODMW (1) for years like this at 1280 res with no problems. I just ran a fan program to turn them on as soon as started the game. Still have the laptop too but it would not support CODMW (2) so I upgraded to a nice desktop.
  5. Cool. I am using HP Pavilion dv2000.
  6. You have integrated graphics but there is somewhat of a solution in this thread.

    Honestly depending on the game you might be just fine.
  7. Hi z06psi, the monitor that I want to buy is the Acer S243HL LED. Because the Acer S243HL LED has a HD resolution, so do you think it will be allright if i'm still using the NVIDIA Geforce Go 7200 without upgrading the graphic card ?

    Sorry I just want to confirm before I buy it.
  8. According to specifications the Go 7200 can output 2560x1600 resolution, however you should not expect smooth operation.

    You will most likely notice these symptoms:
    1. Lag when you move windows around, or open up new windows. (Lag can be anything from a very negligible lag, all the way to lagging enough to hinder your mobility.
    2. Notice your laptop's fan working a bit harder to cool the GPU.
    3. Lower battery life of course since your GPU will probably be working at nearly 100% all the time even with just 2d applications like browsers.

    I tried hooking up several laptops before to 1080P monitors and it stresses them pretty badly
    Some of the chipsets on the laptops:
    Geforce 6150 SE
    ATI X300
    ATI 3200
    That's about it. I forget the other integrated GPU's. All of these were not usable in 1080P resolution, due to lag.
  9. K .. thanks guys ..
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