Eyefinity with Nvidia (Vission surround)..?

I've been looking alot at a triple monitor setup lately, but I have 2x 9800GTX+ 's in SLI...
I know that nvidia doesn't currently support any more than 2x monitors with SLI enabled. However, nvidia have touted that they're releasing "3-D Vission Surround" soon, possibly with the launch of FERMI? You're still gonna need at least 2 GPU's in SLI to get the 3 video outputs neccesary, but we'll be able to game across 3 monitors with SLI enabled.

Doesn anyone know wheather they'll release a driver that will enable this vission surround (aka eyefinity) for previous GeForce cards such as the 9xxx series and the GT200s or will it be FERMI exclusive???
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  1. I doubt it, as nVidia would want you to shell out $600 for their newer cards.
  2. Well they have is as a driver based thing although they said it will work with the GT200 and fermi i haven't heard anything else about what other chips they would enable it with one would think they would release it with fermi. If it is completely driver based ionno why they wouldn't enable it across the board on just about all recent chips including the G92 in those 9800's

    You don't need to shell out 600 for newer card if you already have and sli system running a 260 275 285 or 295 set up i suppose.
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    3D Vision Surround:
    resolutions of up to 1920x1080
    across up to three 120 Hz LCDs
    (Its Eyefinity + Nvidia'd 3D vision technology)

    Vanilla Surround:
    trio of up to 2560x1600
    (Basically the same as Eyefinity)

    The Catch:
    "First, both capabilities are being exposed through “a future driver” that will reportedly be made available by the time GF100-based hardware ships (and not only on GF100; GT200-based boards will pick up 3D Vision Surround as well).
    (It would appear that only the GT200 series will gain Nvidia' Eyefinity and not the older 6,7,8 and 9 series?)

    Second, all three-display configurations will require SLI, since GT200- and GF100-based GPUs only include two display outputs each.",review-31790-5.html?xtmc=3d_vision_surround&xtcr=1
  4. Hah, I guess that means GTS 250s in SLI yes, but 9800GTX/GTX+ in SLI NO

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  6. Well, there goes my hopes for adding two more 28"s :(
    Anyway thx, I guess my rig is soon going to be up for sale...
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