PCIe card problem.

ok, so i bought a gt 220 card (i know its crap but i'm not a heavy gamer at all) and the minimum requirements are a psu with 300w 18A on the +12V rail which my psu exactly gives (crap, i know). i did all the things specified on the manual, like, uninstalling the current video drivers, changing the 'Primary video adapter' to PCIe and even updating my bios, but i still get a black screen and my monitor says 'no video input' (yes, its connected to the PCIe card). I keep thinking it has something to do with my psu, whether its too weak to handle the card, even though it meets the requirements. any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. am i still restricted
  2. ok, paranoid, listen i havent been around forever but long enough to know that the cards dont need drivers to work, most of the time the disc is outdated so you need to get web access so the card will do a 6-800 and bypass so you can access, if you get a black screen it has nothing to do witht he driver(hint) im sure you will figure it out
  3. course im here for a card prob as well so i dont know much :)
  4. What is your monitor an what cable are you using to connect it to your 220gt?
  5. thanx for reply guys.

    paperfox, i have a 13' x 10.5' lcd with a vga connection and the gt 220 doesn't need a cable connection.
  6. oh wait, you meant cable connection from monitor to card, :O its a vga cable.
  7. Im guessing your monitors use VGA and you are using a VGA cable and a DVI-D to VGA adapter to connect to the card? I know that older monitors only accept VGA(analog signal) and you cannot convert the DVI(digital signal), or visa verse.

    If possible it would be a good idea to test your card in another computer to make sure it works.
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