First-time overclocker, seeking help with AsRock 890GX Pro3 mobo.

Hey guys,

I just upgraded my CPU so that I could start overclocking a bit. You know... Skyrim. CPU intensive. Whaddayagonna do?

Anyway, with the new CPU at stock settings, I ran a three-hour Prime95 stress test and the temp maxed out at 51c, so I think I'm alright there. The thing is, all the overclocking guides I'm finding tend to deal more with multipliers, but the AsRock board I'm working with actually allows you to input the clock manually... it SEEMS I would just input "3600" if I wanted to up it to that, but I really don't know if I need to change any other frequencies or rates or bells or whistles, or when a voltage change is demanded... so that's where I need a hand.

I'm also wondering just what overclock level gets me the best bang for my buck as a casual user who doesn't want to risk ruining anything. I have fairly common components (with the exception of the odd mobo/bios), so hopefully someone out there has this figured out to a tee. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

CPU: AMD Phenom II Black Edition X4 965 3.4Ghz
Motherboard: AsRock 890GX Pro3
Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
Case: Juuuust wide enough to fit ^
GPU: XFX Radeon 6950 2gb
PSU: Rosewill Stallion 500W ATX12V
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  1. Oh, and:
    16gb Corsair DDR3 1333 SDRAM
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