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I have an existing windows 7 system running an i52500k on a z68 chipset. I want to install a 120 or 128gb ssd in this system. I want to run windows and all my programs on the ssd and save my documents,music, and a cd image of the ssd on my 1tb harddrives that I am currently running windows on. Anyone have any recommendations/tips on migrating the existing stuff on the ssd after the install, as well as transferring my existing programs cd keys and stuff like that. Also any one recommend a good ssd that is around the 1 dollar per gb range?
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  1. Heres a good SSD for $1 per GB.


    As far as migrating your stuff without doing a reinstall good luck. It didn't work that well for me. Too many cobwebbs. Its best to just save important files to your HDD and install fresh copy of windows on the SSD. This is just my opinion of course, it can be done but can also be a headache.
  2. Since you have an OS installed on a HDD, when you are ready to install the OS the the SSD, unlpug the HDD (for many reasons).

    Once you are done installing the whole OS, drivers, and stuff (not programs), you can plug the HDD back in.

    Then you can drag and drop all the "Libraries" from the SSD (My Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos) to the HDD root drive (i.e. D:\My Documents, etc.).

    Then I would drag and drop all the stuff in your "User" folder from the HDD to the SSD, to try to save any user specific info (Contacts, e-mails, etc.) that may be there.

    You will still have to re-install all your programs (i.e. Microsoft Office, any games, etc.) to the SSD. Copying them to/from won't work.

    I think the "Windows Migration Tool" can save your specific program settings (i.e. Outlook) for import onto the new drive, but I've never used it.

    You may want to look deeper into where any programs store there information before the new install, so you can transfer it to the new drive (i.e. Outlooks' *.pst file).

    Then you can delete everything from your HDD, that is not your "Libraries."

    As for a 128GB SSD for $1/GB, GOOD LUCK!

    I'd recommend an Intel 520, OCZ Vertex 3, or Samsung 830 SSD. The Mushkin Chronos mentioned is good too, as I think they use "Toggle NAND" which is the best.

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