How to enable Creative Sound Card?

Hi, I installed a Creative Sound card but I can't seem to get any audio from it. I tried every connection and searching through the software but no luck.

no other sound card drivers are present
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    Can you give us any more details?

    Because the following is the best I can do with the details given:
    -Did you install the drive from the Creative website?
    -Is the soundcard compatible with your operating system?
    -Does the soundcard work with the default windows drivers (ie without installing the creative driver)
    -does the speaker work? Do you have it plugged into the correct connections?
    -Is the soundcard new or old? Does it work in another computer?
  2. Open Device Manager and see if your system recognizes the card.
  3. It recognizes the card.

    I'm using windows 7 x64. Its a new Creative Fatality Pro
    I installed suing the cd as I can't install drivers off their web site. The installer always asks me to direct it to the folder when it extracted the files needed to install...however it says it can't access it.

    I plugged it in according to the instructions.

    edit: I fail...didn't disable Ati's audio device...sheesh missed that lol >.< thanks for your help
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