Athlon II vs Phenom II

For a Linux machine, is there any difference between these two processors?
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  1. Indeed, the L3 cache will not help in all applications, and even if it does, is usually not worth the extra $$$. What are your plans for this computer?
  2. I was planning on doing video editing (home movies), picture editing, and burning DVD's. All while using some of the flashy desktop eye candy available on Ubuntu. I'm not in to high-end graphic intensive games, although I do like older less processor intensive games.

    Do you think the L3 Cache is something Ubuntu can take advantage of, or not really?
  3. I wouldn't bother if I were you.
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. Phenom II is usually only around 5% stronger than Athlon II in most tasks, gaming however can easily surpass 10%, but you won't be doing that.
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