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Hi I am looking to build a core i7 930 system with a 5870 or 5970 or lastest gpu when I have money.

I am looking for a great case for at least one 360 feser rad. I want to try to get two 360s I found this case it looks like it could hold 2 360 rads maybe a 480 and 360 any other cases like this.
I need really cold temps I'm going to overclock to 4.0+ and I like in southern California so it gets hot here and I want to keep my system and my room as cool as possible.
Thank you
Also two loops one for cpu and a seprate for the gpu ?

Thank you
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  1. The Corsair OBSIDIAN 800D is a great case for water cooling.

    Here you have an interesting video:
  2. Antec 1200 is a very strong contender as well, a guy installs water cooling into the Antec 1200 on youtube. Just type in Antec 1200 in the search bar and it will bring em up. Good luck with your new build when you get it.
  3. Hi thank you for the suggestions. I am considering the corsair case but I want more fans I want to have two 360 rads I was looking at these two

    What are you thoughts on these?
    Any other cases companies you know that could help please let me know.
  4. The Cooler Master HAF 932 has really great cooling and I'm sure you could add liquid cooling as well. Check it out on There will be video on youtube for any ideas also. Have fun with your search.
  5. Silverstone Temjin TJ07
  6. Yeah Iv seen those thank you guys.
    I actually have the haf 932 with a air rig its nice
  7. check out the poll i'm running in this same section of the forum. Theres been a few nice watercooling cases mentioned so far there.
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