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I'm planning to do watercooling for my PC. I have been looking at the H100 Corsair because they are cheaper than the XSPC watercooling kit (It's freaking MYR500+ while the H100 is about MYR300+). But the H100 is less attractive, so I was thinking if the tube can be changed? I also have some questions.
Does the H100 have a reservoir?
Is it worth the money?
Is getting a reservoir a must?
Should I just get the XSPC kit?
Or should I just get the parts myself?
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  1. The h100 is a sealed system with no resevoir. You cant change the tubing without voiding the warranty.
  2. then, how can you change the water inside?
  3. you dont. its a sealed system.
  4. So I don't need to change the water?
  5. Read the watercooling sticky.

    Either go air cooling or go custom water.
  6. I'd go custom water cooling. To sum it up, I need a pump, water block, radiator, some fans, fittings and tubings. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Would a reservoir be a good help?
  8. What are the brands that make these parts?
  9. *popular brands :D
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  11. Read the water-cooling sticky, it will explain pretty much everything you need to know.

    If your after just a basic, no frills CPU loop than an XSPC kit is probably the best option.
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