5870(s) or 5970 Cards in a CM 690 II Adv.?

Well, when I built this PC, I originally intended to buy a Radeon 5770, and the grab another one for Crossfire once it started to get outdated. I changed my mind after seeing some benchmarks on the 5870, and I'm wondering now what the biggest Radeon graphics card is that I can fit into my CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced case is. First of all, I'm using an MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard, and I already took out the lower HDD cage and dropped the front fan down to help airflow. I only have two hard drives, so I don't have much use for the extra expansion slots right now. Any thoughts? Could this thing house a Radeon 5970 if I ever bought one?
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  1. The 5970 will overhang the end of the MB by over 2 inches... almost 2.5. That should tell you. Likely the 5870 will fit.
  2. lol, you'll have to excuse my stupidity. I just opened up my case (I wish it had a side window) and saw that the first slot is actually above the HDD Cage i took out. So no, it won't fit. I did a little more research, and the 5870 will barely fit... I'm not sure about the plug in the rear of it, though...
  3. The plugs are on the top of those, for that reason :)
  4. The 5870's fit in the Cm 692 advanced, you don't even have to take out the cages either. You won't be able to fit a fan on the cages, but I have seen some pics. but they were touching and were cramped.
    The 5850's fit a little better, cause you have exactly 12 inchs of space, there so the only card that dosen't fit is the 5970,which is a good card if you can find one to buy.
  5. this guys case is cm690 and a hd 5970 fit just fine... i think...... check this:
    the only thing you need to find is hows your advance compared to a standard one...
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