How to test compaq dps-250kb-2 b pwer supply

is there a way to test it mine is still working? It makes a high pitched sound when plugged in, oh, and it gave me a sweet shock - aside from the fact that I'm an idiot - is my PC issue probably NOT the power supply?
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    well did it shock u just the metal cover, or did u open it and it shocked u by an internal comprontent? if it was just the cover, throw the thing away...
    high pitched sounds usually mean a vibrating/resonating coil or bad capacitor. the 1st is not bad its just annoying, but if its a bad cap then replace the psu. if this psu is a standard power supply, then you can test it out by shorting the green wire in the big 20 or 24 pin connector to a nearby black power. this will get the thing to at least turn on (if it works)... if it fails this test, then yep its the powr supply.
  2. looking on ebay i think its just a standard atx psu.
    try this (but u can just use a paperclip and some tape)
  3. I'll try that - thanks for the speedy reply and thanks for being so descriptive!
    I took the cover off and (like the electrical un-genius I am) I rested my palm on one of the two silver alloy-aluminum-looking-identical mine-towers.

    I hope you know what I mean...hahah
    But YES - the "guts" gave me a JOLT!
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  5. FAILED.
    And Thank You Again for simplifying this issue for me.
    You do great work.
  6. glas i could help :)
  7. Just so people know some PSU will not power up without a drive or something connected to it. I have a few PSU's laying around and most will not power up without a hard drive or something connected.
  8. with at ones. but atx should. afaik
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