Motherboard for AMD Processors?

I want to buy a full ATX form factor motherboard bcoz i m using gtx 470 and its too long card
but i saw in all asus models that full form factor supports only 2000(o.c.) /1333/1066 Memory
but a uATX form factor motherboard supports 1600 also
I m using AMD Phenom 2 X6 1090T
and i want to buy full form factor ATX board but there is no one on asus and gigabyte site 880G type
which would have 1600 in therir memory type

Is 1333 that bad to 1600 that i will provide very less speed
or i stick to uATX form factor which has 1600 speed but that way i will have less pCIE ports
and gtx 470 will block its esata ports
plz suggest something
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  1. M4N98TD EVO if you EVER want to add a second GTX 470. The M4A87TD EVO is a CrossFire {ATI} only MOBO. You 'can' use other AMD3 MOBOs if you only plan to use 1 GPU - my advice is to plan ahead...

    Also, with the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition works better with 1600 MHz or faster RAM. Please check the Certified/Tested RAM lists for that CPU; it has it's own list(s).
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