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Asus P7P55D LE very strange behaviour, any insights?

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November 7, 2010 5:47:26 PM

Hi guys this is my first post on Tom's Hardware, but reading the articles in here has nearly always helped me towards solving all kinds of problems.

Ok so i built my PC about 6 months ago, have always had the same problem on boot, never really thought about it much, but today i was having a play with it and i'm not really sure whats going on. I'm using the Asus P7P55D-LE motherboard and the Radeon HD 5870. Whenever i boot the computer and before it POSTs there is roughly a 10 second period where the 'MemOk' LED on the motherboard is lit up, this usually indicates that there's a problem with the RAM. If i don't touch the memok button after about 10 seconds the PC POSTs and boots as normal, and if i do press the LED button the computer reboots then does the same thing again, never really gave this much thought as the computer works great after that weather i touch the memok button or not, which is strange enough.

But today i was tinkering and i installed the 5870 on the other PCI-E port located underneath the one i was using and when i hit the power button the memok LED didn't come on at all and the computer ran the POST and booted straight away, no 10 second delay and a super-fast boot. The problem is on the P7P55D-le the second PCI-E is only x4, meaning a major drop in FPS for all my favorite games :( .

Can anyone offer any insight as to why the placement of the GPU seems to have this effect on the Asus Memok feature, when presumeably there is nothing wrong with the RAM?

Also note everything has stock clock speeds, i have not overclocked anything in my system yet.

Thanks in advance guys :) 
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November 10, 2010 10:00:43 AM

I don't know anything about that Asus feature, your RAM is set at the manufacturer's recommended voltage?
April 9, 2013 7:43:31 PM

mosox said:
I don't know anything about that Asus feature, your RAM is set at the manufacturer's recommended voltage?


I know this is a really old post, but I'm having this problem now.
My original setup includes an Asus P7P55D-LE MOBO and a XFX HD5770, 10 GB RAM, 750 Watts PSU, etc. It works fine since I bought it, in 2010, but the video card is a little out of date and my cousin had a spare XFX HD 5870, so he gave it to me.

I'm having the same problem as dscott2064 described up there. I actually managed to boot my pc once, but it ended turning the display off and standing unresponsive. After rebooting, no life signal at all.

The weirdest thing is that my cousin's MOBO is the same as mine, the only difference was the processor, I have i5 750 and he had a different i5, just can't remember wich...

After putting the old card back, everything works properly. Any other toughts?