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S5520sc NO BOOT no beeps - dead!

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November 7, 2010 6:06:57 PM

As this is my first despered post i must ask to forgive my language- it's not my mother's tongue.
I unluckly recently bought:
MB S5520SCR+
1xe5620 xeon +
CHieftec APS-850c +
Chieftec CH-09B-B-OP CHassis
and Kingston non "GI" ram kvr1333d3e9s/2G. - non I version- i know theres some issiues...

After building it, turning AC on
there's no action . no fan spinning no boot screen no beeps- nothing except IDLED AMBER and 5V LED lights. There's also this very quiet squeaky high sound coming form the MB - l
Anybody's got some idea how to fix this?

The 2x 8pinEPS plugs are pluged
Auxiliary 5pin power connector not connected ( no such thing within the PSU spec)

Chassis ( does anybody knows Chieftec products here anyway??) -well there's only 5 wires commin' out from front panel:
hdd led, power led, power&reset button connectors. (everything i guess connected properly due to MB tech spec.)
theres also a connector named SPEAKER i think it goes for the PC speaker within front panel but there's no such slot on MoBo to connect it.
Of course there're AC'97 and USB conn. too-checked.

-RAMstick in slot A1
-Xeon in socket CPU1
-singleGPU in slot 6 PCIex

Well i beg for any ideas to check.
I'm so despered...w to fix this?

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November 7, 2010 7:36:22 PM

try setting it up on a table on some cardboard boxes. and see if it works.

that will rule out any shorts.

also I checked intels website and that processor isnt listed as being compatible.

(if this is your board)
November 8, 2010 4:48:47 AM

THanks. Thats I already checked :) 
Well, according to this list:
the S5520SCR supports xeon 5600 series (within E5620). The previous version - the S5520SC under the BIOS 45 does not function with 5600series. I Powered it up on a table.. I'll try on a cardboard.
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November 25, 2010 2:35:46 PM

hi again. back to problem.
I just started to check the shorts.
I unscrewed one- bottomleft screw. After turning PSUon system status led gone stble green, powering up the chassis made fans go wild :) 
Well how should i fix this? in mbo spec. there's nothing about this screw, and i dont thing i should leave this one with no screw and standoff.
what to doo about this?
Thank's for help!!
November 28, 2010 7:56:57 PM

ME again...
Well, I managed to overcome last problem. I took everything out form the chassis and than put it back. It helped. So right now I have bios sdr bma updated.
Finally it looks stabile!. The 3-beep code finally appeared ( unfortunantelly) I guess I'll need to buy new intel approved dimms now. Funny thing about it that there is no problem with One dimm or two but 3 non "GI" dimms is too much for this mbo.
So right now, I'm ready to install system!

befere buying it i was considering also a X8DAI supermicro mobo. but it was less evailable here so finally i bought the intel's product. BUt after having this problems I must admit I should have waited more time for supermicro. Much less problems with that one.. ( i've heard/red)
December 4, 2010 2:41:30 AM

i got myself the Workstation Board S5520SC connected compatible peripherals on it and the motherboard powers ON without a beep but gives 1 beep once i shut it down... problem is it doesnt display to my monitor, i tried with 3 different PCI-e cards and also used the onboard display but non of that works... anyone with any idea what the problem could be?
December 6, 2010 8:37:45 AM

Give some more details... symptomes... Does your status led lites green. any diagnostic leds show some errors?
I had same problem after changing few things in bios setup. TO fix this I just used the bios setup - entered the bios setup without screen vision (pressing F2 after turning the BOX on) and later F9 ( back to default settings) finishing with <Enter> gave me soft reset and startup menu finally poped up on the screen.
U might also check the slots for videocards,( there are two pci ex x16 - occupie first the try second if there's no change.)
Maybe U 've tunred on the onboard videocard in bios menu ( by accident)- this would block the videocard in any slot.
At the end U may clear the CMOS to reset your Bios setup.
Nothing else comming to my mind.
Oh and start with the bootable CD that comes with the MOBO- this gives much help- i don't know at what part of installation U're about now( updating Bios/BMs/ SDR )