Two questions about ssd

First of I need a special adapter or anything for my 2.5" ssd to plug into my motherboard?
This is my ssd

I would like to use my ssd as a boot drive and a hdd for storage. How can I do this? And if you can give me instructions plz start from scratch. I have not got my pc yet(I am ordering it in a couple days) so please give me a tutorial as if I haven't installed windows or anything.

Thanks in advance:)
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  1. It connects exactly like a HDD to the motherboard but you might need a bracket for fitting 2.5" drive in a 3.5" bay. On startup enter BIOS and select ACHI for your drives then reboot from optical drive and select the SSD as your drive to install windows on.
    Useful info and tweaks
  2. So I don't need any adapter? My case has 2 2.5" bays :)
  3. In that case you will not need an adapter.
  4. As for the second, there are many fine tutorials to be found in the stickied topics at the top of this forum. I started with this classic:

    The only problem with this one is that it would take you a week to read all the referenced material:

    Depending on the size of your SSD and the volume of apps you install, you may need to look into how to install some apps / games on the storage HDD. Of course, an SSD big enough for all your installations is preferred.

    Have fun.
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