How bad will TN be with eyefinity?

I currently own a Dell 2405FPW PVA 24" monitor.

I'm considering going the "portrait" rout with 2x Benq 2420 TN monitors.

another option is to get 2x IPS monitors for doubble the prize, the problem with IPS is I'm not sure I'm ready to shell out that kind of money on computer monitor.
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  1. For gaming and movie watching, the TN panels are fine. If you need accurate color rendering, however, TN just can't curt it.

    Frankly I also have wondered how the viewing angle issue will affect eyefinity installs.....guess if you angle the side monitors, won't be an issue.
  2. thank you, It feels odd having a TN monitor as main as so many ppl have wroten negative about them. But if I go the TN rout it almost is best to have a TN monitor as main due to viewing angel.

    I'm considering also try get a high quality monitor with built in displayport so I don't need to buy the active adapter.
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