Is my Processor any good?

lso what does it mean?

Intel core 2 quad processor Q9400 2.66 ghz 1333MHz FSB w / 6mb cache
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  1. What is your question?
  2. resinmage said:
    Is my processor any good?

    apples are good, so are oranges, whats your point?
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  4. Its one of the better previous generation quads from intel.
    Today, i5 and i7 are definitely faster, as are the new 6 core AMD chips. Id probably choose an i3 over that today simply because newer tech is always (usually) smarter.

    Depending on what you use it for it could give you plenty of performance for many years. With ok cooling you should also hit clock speeds ~3.2Ghz.
  5. Good for what? What are you going to do with it anyway?

    Are you referring to gaming, video transcoding, math applications, etc?
  6. One it is totally fine for everything to do right now. 2 @mrmez 3.2 ?? I have had mine running 3.8 for almost 2 years now and it benches at between the stock i7920 and 930 they win in some cases and granted this is a huge overclock to just get even with new tech... buuut what can't I do?? To answer you yes you are fine games are just using quads overclock if your going to encode things and otherwise this would be considered overkill for day to day use.

  7. Its definitely good for basic computing and somewhat good for gaming, also video editing apps will work great too. But for a generic questions, is it good, i'd have to say yes.
  8. I use it for internet, gaming with a gts oem 240 by nvidia and movies ,music,pictures
  9. It's a pretty decent CPU, more than capable for internet, gaming, movies etc.
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