OC Q9550 With A P5N-T Deluxe Board.. New to This


I have had this rig for a bit. I was planning on getting a i5 3570k system, and then my wife decided she had to remodel kitchen...

So I am having a budget problem and need more juice out of my system. I have never overclocked before, but I figure to continue with this system, I need to learn. That is why I am here for advice and general guide

My system
CPU: Intel Q9550 Core 2 Quad 2.83 ghz
Mobo: Asus P5N-T Deluxe (nVidia 780i chipset)
GPU: EVGA nVidia GTX560
Memory: Kingston 4 x 1 gb 800 mhz DDR2 RAM
PSU: Corsair 750w
FAN: Thermaltake V1

I have the system all stock currently and default settings with latest BIOS and drivers. I have a full tower case that oddly enough kept my computer stable and all running under 60 degrees while gaming when my fan went out with just case fans and I was running SLI in those days.

I have CPU-Z, Prime95, Memtest86.

I have read that this CPU can alot of times OC to over 4 ghz and I have read on this CPU/Mobo combo up at 3.6 ghz.

I play basically only MMOs so my objective is to play these games in max settings and get 30 fps or better. I understand that with this rig even 30 fps with 200 vs 200 I am pretty much dreaming.

So.. what do I do and what should I aim for/expect? Is the Core 2 Overclocking guide still good? Any warnings?

From what I read the front side bus of the Q9550 is 333 mhz and since my ram is 800 mhz, does that mean that the most I can OC is the unit to is 3.4 ghz?
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