Cannot install any drivers for GT230M...? Pls Help

Hi, Please can anyone help??

My wife has been playing a very undemanding 2D game over the past few days (Hoyle Card games 2008) and it kept slowing down before either locking up or locking up then giving brief BSOD before restarting. Having looked at the details in recent windows problems on the Windows trouble shooter it mentioned that there had been a problem with the display drivers but could not resolve them. I thought that just to see if it would resolve the problem, I would update the drivers. I downloaded the latest WHQL drivers from the Nvidia website (195.62) I uninstalled the drivers rebooted when prompted to do so. Started the installer and it trundles along doing its thing and then gives the message "The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware" then closes the uninstaller. :??:

System details are as follows:

SONY CW Series laptop
P7450 @ 2.13Ghz
Nvidia GT 230M
Win7 Home Premium 64-bit
All latest windows updates etc.

Additionally, i have also tried and ensured the following:

I have ensured that I am trying to install the correct drivers ie: making sure that i select the options for the GT 200 (M) series for laptops and windows 7 64-bit etc etc when choosing the drivers to install.

Have tried installing in Safe mode.

Have tried Beta drivers (195.81)

When using the advanced driver search on Nvidia's site for beta and archived drivers it only offers these two drivers. Nothing earlier...I think but did not check prior to uninstall, that my drivers were around the 175 mark.

Windows update does not offer any drivers...

Have tried throwing machine out of window...this had no effect either :lol: ok, maybe i didn' should have been a straight forward driver uninstall/reinstall has incapacitated my wifes machine when it comes to playing games which is her main reason for using it. Suffice to say my life is at stake of this cannot be resolved quickly, hence any help is appreciated.

Many thanks!!

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  1. Have you tried the Sony site for updated drivers?
  2. I thought windows 7 had a tendency to go look for the drivers of your hardware on setup. That's what happened to me anyways. I would follow ^^his advice up there next, or try to contact the tech support. I would even be curious at that point to know whether the graphic card was actually installed in your lappy at all. In all my years of installing drivers for my nvidia cards I have never had that message. My mother has a 230m in her laptop, it worked great without updating the driver, so far. I tested it with blu-ray videos, performance was fine.

    Concerning the problem before the driver issue, have you made sure the laptop had adequate breathing room? I used to have my video drivers crash when I had a smaller case and Vista. Took me months to find out it was caused by overheating on the video cards. Did windows give you the error code? You could look that up on windows forums.
  3. Senvae - Thanks. I know, Win7 usually does do a good job at automatically finding and installing drivers but had no clue this time round. Defo not a heating issue, the lappy sits on a cooling pad and is very cool anyway even under load. No error codes were given that i could find.

    Rick - Captain obvious to the rescue! I cant believe it never crossed my mind to check the website for machine specific drivers but it has worked...Many thanks! :D
    I hate laptops!
    It's puzzling as one of the first things i did when we got the machine was upgrade to the latest drivers via the nvidia website and had no issue...maybe that's why didn't think to Check Sony's site.
  4. wow, just looked at the additional info by my profile picture... looks like I joined before there was an internet!
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