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Last week my brother bought himself a cheap 2gb stick of RAM, and I traded him 2x1gb of RAM for it (our computers both use the same RAM). My computer was already running 2x1gb and a 2gb, and when running this it worked perfectly fine. But when I changed it to 2x2gb it stopped working, only the 4th memory bank worked (1 out of 4). I tested the sticks of RAM individually and they both worked in the 4th memory bank, but not in any other (would not boot if no module in the 4th memory bank).

I've been researching for a week now, and have found several people who have had this same problem, but no solution. So I traded him back and now have my 2x1gb and 2gb. But the problem persists, even though I know this configuration works. My computer still will only read the 4th memory bank, and only boots if there is a module in the 4th slot. I can have modules in other memory banks but they will come up in the BIOS as not installed. I'm currently just leaving the 2gb in the 4th slot so I can at least have 2gb of ram, but I'd like to fix this problem and run my full 4gb again. I do not believe that I've damaged 3/4 of my memory banks either.

Any ideas or known solutions?
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  1. I am assuming by the lack of responses that no one has any idea how to solve this problem?

    Also, new problem. I tried to reset the bios by removing the cmos battery and taking off the jumper for 10 seconds and replacing it, and after that my computer is running EXTREMELY slowly. Any ideas why that has happened?
  2. Maybe just there dust. Try to clean your RAM slot with brush or alcohol-cloth and gently cleaning it the ram slots thoroughly.
  3. Could Be A Chipset Or BIOS Limitation, My Old Board Refused To Run With A Single Stick Installed (AM2+) But Yes, Like The Man Above Id Reccomend Cleaning The Slots, Id Also Reccomend Going And Getting Another 2GB Stick And Running Two Sticks (4GB).... A Memory Upgrade Certainly Wouldnt Hurt.
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