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Hello,I want to build my own machine for video editing but is unable to afford i3,i5,i7, i used to edit in my home pc with a configuration of d101 (MB) 2.66 Intel pross & 1 gb with 160 hdd for the past 3&a half year now i strongly feel to update my pc within a budget of 12,000/- please suggest
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  1. 12000 eh? what, apples? oranges? this is an english forum so please so a form of currency we understand.
    if you can't even afford i3, then you should look into AMD Athlon II x2 250 for $62

    btw... just curious... how do you edit video with 1gb ram? I also edit video and I have 8gb myself and I often run out of memory during certain scenes, hard to imagine.
  2. I guess you are talking on indian currency terms.. In that case, visit and build your config.. A good build would be an athlon II X4 630, 4 gigs of RAM.. The rest amount can be distributed on getting a motherboard and hard disk (if amount is left)..

    P.S. - 12000 INR ~ 240 USD
  3. 1055t would be for you seriously maybe 6-8 gigs of ram 2 hard drives
    1 read from and write to 1 TB each 2TB if you need shouldn't
    that should come fairly cheap 900-1000 tops

    Im sorry I misread you dont have much options
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