DVD Rom not reading certain DVD's anymore

Hi there

I hope someone out there has the answer to this one...

I have a relative new desktop tower with Win7 installed and it has a Sony OEM DVD writer.

The problem is simply this, it always used to read a DVD RW I have filled with media on it and now all of a sudden it will not read this DVD RW. It reads various other DVD's. The DVD Rw that will not read on here anymore can be viewed on multiple other pc's.

What could have gone wrong?

Please help and let me know if you need any additional information.


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  1. The optical drive is either dirty or defective. You can clean an optical drive with a commercial cleaning disk (available at any department or electronics store). You may also have a foreign object inside the optical drive that a can of compressed air will help you dislodge.

    If cleaning doesn't work, you may need a new optical drive. Simply cruise on over to newegg.com and purchase what you can afford. I recommend one of these:

  2. Thanks ColGeek but unfortunately this did not work for me :(!!!!

    The optical drive is still new and under warranty but not faulty because it reads just about every other CD and DVD I insert into it. This morning I got another Sony OEM drive and tested the dvd that always read but not anymore on it and this new drive also does not read the DVD.

    I have deleted the upper and lower filters, disabled DMA and run updates - Nothing.

    Thanks again
  3. Is it only one disk (or disk type/manufacturer) that it won't read?

    Also, what program/app did you use to write to the DVD RW?
  4. Hi there

    2 different model dvd writers, same brand, Sony. We use Nero to write with, however this dvd was written on another pc not this suspect pc. I have even removed nero and tried to read the dvd to no avail...
  5. So, you used Nero's InCD to write the disk? What Nero version was used?

    Will the original PC read the disk?
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