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As title says, I am looking for a custom watercooling setup that is near the price of the H100i ($115 CAD) seeing as alot of people say for the same price one could get an entry level custom loop. If anyone knows of a loop for around that price that is good, please let me know.
And the shipping on the H100i is about $10, if anyone who helps me wants to check the shipping before linking to see if here is any actual point in posting a link, you can use this postal code : M5B 1R7

::NOTE:: I understand that you cant post personal details, which is why I used the postal code of a Futureshop located in Toronto, Ontario, I do not live in Toronto, but the shipping prices for me should be roughly the same as it would be for that Futureshop
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  1. Why don't you research Canadian websites to find low cost components?

    But assuming you are going for ultra-budget, my guess for minimum cost would be:
    ~$30 for used CPU block
    ~$25 for used 240mm Rad
    ~$20 for new reservoir
    ~$7 for 7ft of tubing
    ~$25 for DDC 1-T from bmaverick
    Total: $109 w/o shipping and assuming you are supplying your own fans.
  2. I'd like to avoid used items, and I have researched, so I was asking because others said that, and i wanted proof
  3. Hey there. My husband and I have been building my computer for the past few months (it's done now, but I always want another upgrade somewhere :P) and I went with a custom water cooling loop for my CPU cooling. I have to say, it's not the wonder some enthusiasts may tell you.

    I tried a few different pump configurations but the noise -- a mixture of a hum and a whine -- drove me up the wall. The loop also failed to amaze me. While it was better than any air cooler I had used in past computers, it wasn't spectacular. I did a bit of digging around and it turns out the Ivy Bridge series doesn't just run hot (this we all know) but it also has a harder time being cooled. There seems to be something of a cooling roof, that when reached, sees performance drop off substantially.

    I decided to give the Corsair H100i a go and not only does it perform just as well on my overclocked Ivy, it's silent and highly configurable. Even has a light that an be changed to any colour under the rainbow, just for that little extra touch -- or turned off entirely.

    I don't know if you're in the same situation as me, but I'd not recommend a custom loop to anyone but the most serious of serious builders. Unless you are pushing for the maximum possible overclock on all your components, you simply won't see the reward for such a loop. For gaming, you honestly won't see any difference at all after a certain point in regard to CPU overclocking. Some are more depended on CPU speed than others, but from my tests, going from 4Ghz to 4.5Ghz showed literally no tangible difference in any FPS, RTS or MMO I own, and it required more voltage (obviously) and made a lot more heat.

    The H100i will keep up with many water cooling loops in all but the extreme end of overclocking, is very easy to install, requires no maintenance, is silent, looks sleek and comes with all manner of software options for tweaking it to your heart's content. I honestly cannot recommend a custom loop for practical performance. It'll cool perhaps slightly better at the top end, but there's no reason at all to go there and the difference really, really isn't worth the maintenance and general hassle.

    My two cents :D
  4. Oh, also: if you do go with a custom loop, please, please, *please* don't cheap out. Get a good, thick, dense radiator with at least two 120mm fans on it for a CPU + one 120mm for rach GPU. Water blocks, pumps and radiators *will* make a big difference and cheaping out and getting budget parts will leave you with a poor performing loop that's most likely outperformed by other, cheaper options. Not to even mention things like warranty, leaks and mixing metals.

    If you go with a custom loop, *DON'T* buy cheap parts. Either commit to it and get good quality stuff, or don't do it.
  5. Yea I may just stick with the h100i, I was just curious because I have seen a lot of people say that for the same price, you can get a better performing entry level water cooling kit
  6. Aramid_4 said:
    Yea I may just stick with the h100i, I was just curious because I have seen a lot of people say that for the same price, you can get a better performing entry level water cooling kit

    Entry level doesn't really mean "as cheap as." Sure, it's possible to build a custom loop for around the same price, but you'll be copping out. Like I said, water cooling like that is an all or nothing deal, in my opinion. No sense spending the money on a loop that might only very slightly outperform the cheaper, quieter, safer and hassle free alternative.

    There's a bit of an elitism issue regarding closed loop coolers like the Corsair series, with some hardcore enthusiasts often liking to bash said products. You've probably seen it around in various forums. I'd ignore them and enjoy the awesome H100i :D
  7. I was hoping to bring some of the people who do bash the H100i and have them show me a custom loop that is better than the H100i for roughly the same price, because as posted earlier, one of the XSPC kits are ~$145, about $30 more than the H100i.
  8. When it comes to water-cooling or even a whole system build, $30 isn't that much. And for that $30 you get a massive increase in performance and the ability to upgrade the loop. A H100i is a dead end, the most you can do unless you want to get modding is put on different fans.

    Plus there has been a recent price drop on the H100's, so that's why it suddenly doesn't work as well.
  9. I suppose. Do you have any charts that can compare the Raystorm RS240 to the H100i? I found one that compared the EX240 and the results were pretty good, although it was with the H100 and therefore a bit older.

    Link to the charts

    In the end, aftershipping and all, the H100i is $50 cheaper, but that just means my build would be about $1600 instead of $1650 (Or so I estimated)
  10. Because the XSPC Raystorm kits were released a while ago, all their reviews compare to the H100.
    Heres an RS360 review that compares against the H100. Should be somewhat close to what you can expect from the RS240 kit, as that 120mm of extra rad wont make much of a difference unless your overclocking quite hard.,12.html
  11. @ OP - Get the H100i and call it a day :)

    * manofchalk, don't burn me yet!
  12. If you're not willing to spend $250 on a custom loop just go with the H100i. You'll be forced into using cheap components at the lower price range and the H100i will end up being a much better option.

    And yes, custom loops can and do give better thermal performance. You have to set it up right but there is definitely a 20-25% performance bump to be had. 99% of the time that won't matter.

    The real benefit comes in if/when you're overclocking a GPU that runs hot. Sometimes it's cheaper to have a custom loop with a GPU block and OCd GPU than to upgrade the GPU as those things get ridiculously expensive ($1k for a GTX Titan LOL).

    Practically speaking custom loops are not worthwhile unless you're prepared to integrate/overclock your GPU(s) so you're really looking at $500+ to make custom LC worth it.
  13. When it comes to watercooling there really isn't much of a cheap and great performing option other than XSPC kits and that's CPU only. Even then, they cost more than H1xx offerings but still perform better.

    Let's stop and be honest - if it's really cheap, it's likely going to perform close to what you'd otherwise expect for the cost. Watercooling is the same as any other hobby or purchase in that you get what you pay for. Is the $20-$30 extra from an H-1xx to an XSPC kit worth it? Yes, in my opinion it is. However, I realize that closed loop coolers like the H-series, etc appeal to a large number of people wanting to brag about having liquid cooling but not really having anything to brag about...while the folks hearing it don't know the difference. Since it's 'liquid cooled' they must really have themselves something special. There is a very large consumer buy-in to this kind of mentality rather than doing research on what to expect.

    And FYI, there is a section in the watercooling sticky dedicated to both closed loop coolers as well as entry-level kits.
  14. Thanks for the two somewhat late replies. I ended up going with the Xspc raystorm rx360 kit
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