First build for under 600$ - looking for advice

This is my first build and i have picked parts listed here and i am wondering if there are any other options i should take a look at.



Hard Drive:

Power Supply:


DVD Burner:


MSI 8800GT OC- this is temporary, i plan on using my old card until i can afford a good ATI GPU.

Windows 7 64 bit

I also plan on adding more memory to this system when i can afford it, adding a fan controller(but i believe that the mobo should let me control fan speed through bios). I don't plan on overclocking too much either.

This computer is going to be mainly used for:

Everyday use
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  1. Couple thing I'd change :

    On the CPU get the 955 instead -- It's the same CPU just one multiple set one value lower, so can be upped in the BIOS easily and will be the same for $15 less

    For the HDD I'd instead go with the WD Caviar Blue 500GB for $39 at COMPUSA --- Twice the storage and better performance for same price !

    Also on the Memory I'm not familiar with WinTec - but I normally stick with Corsair, G-Skill, OCZ, Crucial so might check to see what they have in the same price range with perhaps a better latency.
  2. thanks i appreciate the feedback
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