Looking to upgrade my GPU + a new monitor

I finally got some extra money after blowing $500 on my motherboard/cpu/ram and was hoping I could finally round out my current PC build by picking up the last 2 parts. A graphics card and a new monitor.

What I have:
-ASRock P55 Extreme Motherboard
-Intel Core i5 Lynnfield 2.67GHz
-4GB OCZ G.Skill Ripjaws DD3 1600 RAM
-Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb
-OCZ GameXStream 700w PSU

What I want to switch out:
-e-GeForce 8800 GTS
-6 year old 15" LCD monitor

I saw the HDD for $80 the other day and had to pick it up(using an ancient 250GB Maxtor atm) so my budget for those 2 parts is down to around $200~350 now.

I'm really looking for something over 22" on the monitor. I've been on this old thing for so long, I want something that will make noticeable difference. For resolution I would say around 1920x1080 if I can get away with it. As for the graphics card. A nice jump in performance if I can get away with that as well. I do some video editing/compressing/etc and I do game from time to time as well.

My main focus is on the monitor itself though but I want the GPU to support the best resolution I can get out of it. If the one I have is good enough then I'll just keep it though. More money to go towards future textbooks.

Thanks for any and all advice, it really is appreciated!
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  1. Both of those sugestions are great, $180 for a 22inch is great, not only that, its 16:10. That is basically what i have now (22inch digimate 1680x1050 16:10 monitor) I paid £106 for mine.

    16:10 is much better for dekstop computing, and looks more like a screen instead of the long 16:9 monitor which look like ironing boards with a screen. it also has a DTV tuner which is great.

    & yea stick with the 5770.
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