Overclocking gateway DX3400-05

hi i own a gateway DX3400-05 at 2.7ghz and would like to overclock i currently upgraded to a 500 watt corsair psu and an aftermarket stock cooler i would like to go to 3.0 ghz and no more i also upgraded and added another monitor and amd radeon hd 5500d 1gb video card if that matters plz tell me how to overclock my system or if it is locked in the bios
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    You have a locked BIOS on your system. Gateway and other off-the-shelf system manufacturers lock the BIOS since their target consumers are not computer saavy and it helps prevent the user from doing irrepairable harm.
    I have heard that there are aftermarket overclocking software programs that run through windows - I have not used any so I can't say much about them but it may be something to look into
    Hope it helps
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