Strange Noise, any thought?

Iv'e just but together these components.

Asus P7P55D-E PRO
Core i5 750 @ 3.2 ghz
5850 @ stock OC
Corsair Dominator-GT 2x2gb cas7
850W PSU

But there is a strange noise i cannot figure out. It sounds like a old modem connecting, but with a much higher pitch. It starts when windows is loading, and doesn't seem to change when i put the pc under load.

None of the fans are making this noise, i think its the motherboard.

Any idea what this could be, and how to get rid of it? I am clueless
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  1. Could be the cause of the strange noise: the cause of the strange noise
  2. Check any stray wires/cables touching HSF/case fans?
  3. No cables are anywhere near fans, and none are touching vibrating parts. The sound accours even without overclocking.
    When booting, as soon as the screen goes black just before the desktop comes up. It starts. Just as loud as the noise from the fans.

    Thank god i have a p180. It blocks almost everything.

    i have a big cooler on the CPU, so i can't get my ear close enough to the board to pinpoint the source 100% But it has the be around the CPU somewhere.
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