LGA 1156 vs AM3 build

My friend is about to buy a new pc and I'm a little bit unsure onto what to recommend as a final build. (Also I haven't been given the final maximum budget so I still have to adjust as I go).

Some of the details of what my friend would be doing with his pc:
- Mostly gaming, any production work would probably be an after-thought or spur of the moment thing.
- Most likely no X-Fire or SLi as it wouldn't be worth it unless you're getting the top-end.

For the 1156, I'm thinking either of the i3-530 or i5-750
For the AM3, it's a mix-up between the Athlon II X4 620 or Phenom II X3 720 BE, or (for the higher end) the PII 955.

This is more of a "which platform" rather than which processor question, as my friend would probably upgrade 2~4 years later down the road.
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    Without a stated budget, it is hard to truly recommend a platform to build off. If you are looking for a breakdown of the better platforms to build off of, here is my breakdown...

    Current Best:
    Socket 1366
    Socket 1156

    Best Upgradable:
    Socket 1366 - Hex Cores later this month
    AM3 - Hex Cores later this Spring (believe the current release date)
    Socket 1156 - No plan to upgrade to higher cores, currently.

    Based on what you have listed for your friend, I would go with an AM3 build. It is cheaper of the platforms and will allow you to increase your GPU power, which is good for gaming. AM3 & Intel are pretty close in gaming benchmarks but Intel pulls ahead nicely in Applications, which isn't a current priority of your friend.
  2. Crud, my friend bought an I7-920 without me :(.

    tecmo34, A for the effort. Tnx
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