CM 690 2 Advanced - how to activate hot swap feature?

hi all,

The case(CM 690 2 advanced),after I opened it,have two sata cables !!! One for the hot swap feature and one for the e-Sata interface on the top of the case.
How can I know which one is from the hot swap feature?

Also Ahci need to be activated !

Thank you.
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  1. You activate AHCI via the motherboard BIOS prior to OS installation. If it is activated all SATA ports are hot swappable.
  2. thanks for the answer!!!

    but which sata cable out of the 2 ones from case needs to be connected?

    thank you.
  3. Which one will you be using? You can plug both in if you need to.
  4. I was plugging both but it is not working.
    I was activating AHCI but still nothing!!! :(
  5. AHCI *before* you load Windows. If you have already loaded Windows and then turn on AHCI you'll need to reload Windows as if it had not been done yet.
  6. I was modifying in Bios the option the I started windows but still not working but still not working !!!

  7. You need to completely re-install Windows. Not just re-start it.
  8. OK

    I will try that today.

    Thank you.
  9. Be aware, you will need to use the F6 option during installation and have a pre-made floppy disk with the AHCI drivers on it that Windows will recognize.
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