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My pump keeps turning off and on. It did this about a week ago so i reseated the pins on the molex connector. Now it is doing it again. I will turn on than turn off, in random patterns.
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  1. More details plox,
    do you have a Pwm wire anywhere connected to the mobo or is it straight to molex only?
    what pump is it and what Psu
  2. Yes i have a PWM hooked up into the motherboard. The pump usually runs around 5600RPMS. I think this problem might have something to do with the molex connector coming lose. Every time i hear my pump turn off and i got to fix the problem. The pins from the male molex connector are stuck inside the female connector. I just replaced the molex connector shield and reseated the pins again. So far no problem. If i continue to have the problem i think i should either put new pins on the wires or replace the pump.
  3. Try removing the Pwm cable first and just running the pump from the molex alone, then reverse it and try using just the Pwm, see if that solves the issue,
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