I need motherboard suggestions

I am setting up an asterisk server in a 2U rackmounted case. I need a Motherboard that has a PCI-X slot in the slot-6 location on the board. This is where most boards have their PCI-E slot.

This PCI-X slot will enable me to use my riser card to mount the two digim PCI-X cards needed for the phone system while still staying inside the 2U restriction.

Any suggestions under $200 would be greatly appreciated. I have so far only been able to find dedicated dual/quad core xeon beasts that have this configuration, and I don't need anything High End!

Thank you,
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  1. Newegg has some open box server boards. If it's not there, then you won't find one in your price range at the specialty server sites. You might find an older board on ebay within your price range. The opteron 940 boards were closeout at around $20 recently at computer geeks, but they're sold out. Newegg about once a month on Monday or Tuesday evening will get a customer return in the open box section. They had a quad cpu opteron for around $40 ten days ago, and it sold out in about ten minutes.
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