Acer gd245hq not detected as 3d display

I recently bought an acer GD245HQ monitor (since it's officially supported by nvidia for 3d) and the nvidia 3d kit.
I've installed the display drivers and have the display connected by dual link dvi and refreshing at 120 Hz.
I followed the instructions in removing the previous graphics driver and installing the new one with the stereoscopic driver.
When I go through the 3d set up steps (where you're promted to connect the IR transmitter etc) my monitor is not detected as a hd ready display. This is odd since I have an officially supported display.
If I try calling the moitor a crt (and I do know that crts are big bulky displays not like lcds) I get things working except that the glasses do not refresh at the same rate as the screen. What I see is cycling between an infocus 3d image and a blured image. The period is about 4-5 seconds and the image appears to jump. When I look with just naked eyes I see the same image twice offset a little and it does not change or jump.
I've tried removing and reinstalling all of the drivers and software a few times to no avail. I also tried running the tool on nvidia's website to see if my set up is 3d ready. My computer (gpu, cpu, ram etc) got all green ticks but my monitor was listed as not detected.
Does anyone know any pitfalls I may be encountering? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Monitor: Acer GD245HQ
GPU: Gainward 9800 gt (stock)
CPU: core i7 860 (stock)
Mobo: Asus P7P55D E-EVO
RAM: 4 x 2 GB (by Cosair esp for 1156 platform)
HDD: 2 x 1 GB WD Caviar RAID 0
Power: antec 850 W
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  1. Solved

    Thanks to all for reading

    The problem was that the drivers on the installation cd were out dated and did not recognise the new monitor. I downloaded v1.20 of the cd from the nvidia website and installed those drivers and everything works perfectly now.
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