MS-7525 for a HP Slimline s5220y

I have a currently modified HP Slimeline s5220y, with a MS-7525 Rev 1.0 mobo.

I am wondering as to what socket 775 CPU's would be compatible with the mobo outside of HP's Spec page here:

Now the CPU it came with from HP was the e5300 which is 45nm.. according to HP, that series is not listed as being compatible, albeit is is a wolfdale tho.

My bios is phoenix 5.24. And the highest upgrade available on HP's site is 5.22, which I found to be a mite odd. I have e-mails both MSI and HP regarding processor compatibly and neither of them are very helful.. MSI says it doesn't even have a record of the board which is BS because it clearly states its an MSI mobo.

Basically I was wondering if a e8500 or even better the q9505 would be compatible with it... or would it be just a trail and error.
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  1. I had that board for six months. It should work with any dual core wolfdale, but quads may not go. The voltage specs for quads are higher, so you try at your own risk. I wouldn't try flashing the bios even if a newer version is available. As long as the cpu works, it's not worth the risk of a dead board.
  2. yeah i thought as much... i'd love to use a quad, but something tells me its more then likely a no go in that board.
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