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Question about bus speed

So I'm thinking of getting more ram for my computer (fairly old, my older sister had it in high school), and I have a question about bus speed compatibilities. Is it possible to use ram with a faster listed bus speed than my motherboard? to elaborate, My motherboard supports ddr sdram (sodimm) with a speed of 166 mhz. can i use 333mhz ram with it? or does it not work that way?
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  1. What is the make and model number of the motherboard in question? The answer is, it depends, but you can probably use the faster memory.
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    Yeah, you can install it and the rig could run with that RAM but not at the rated speed, will be downgrade to 166MHz for compatibility.

    As COLGeek says, is better know the specs of your rig to give you a better advice about your inquiry.
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