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Hi everybody,

My current rig is an Asus P5B + 2.6 Ghz core2 + GTX7800, which needs replacing. :cry:

I'm looking for a new Intel 1156 motherboard and not the 1366 socket (uses twice as much power 130W, while hardly any sofware actually uses all available cores, or did this change overnight ?).

I welcome any suggestions but I prefer to buy a quality motherboard which doesn't have options that I'll never use like RAID.

Further thoughts :

- Why do they sell sets of 12GB Channeled RAM ? Is it worth going overboard on the RAM ?
- Also need a top-end videocard, probably GTX480, not sure what the difference is between the different suppliers though ?
- Might install a PCI-E SSD for the heck of it :kaola:

And then I could finally run the awesome DX11 games :ouch:
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  1. what do you have to spend and what is the native resolution of your monitor? (or rather, what size/type of monitor do you have?)
  2. 12 GB is 3 4GB sticks. LGA 1366 X58 boards can run in triple channel while the lower end LGA 1156 (and it's 1155 with Sandy Bridge replacement) only have single and dual channel. Thus a triple channel 12GB kit would only run in single channel with all three sticks installed on an LGA 1156 board. Also, it doesn't make sense to be concerned about an LGA 1366 platforms power draw if your looking at a GTX 480, which is the most power hungry GPU of all.

    If you want power and efficiency, then an LGA 1156 platform with a Radeon 6800 card or GTX 460 card (if you must have nVidia) would be the way to go.
  3. Anyway red this post, fill out the new build form, then come back.
  4. 12GB of ram is way overboard you would be all set with 4GB..
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