7200 RPM VS 5400 RPM

How much fasted the 7200?
Does it realy matter?
When you can see that you have only 5400 rpm
There are many expensive computers that have only 5400 RPM
I do not understand why there is only 5400 rpm
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  1. When the drive is empty you can tell that 7,200 is faster.It's not huge difference but you will notice.Run some tests to determine for yourself exactly.Some people don't mind drives that are a little slower.
  2. for a drive that contains windows and where your programs and games are installed you WILL notice the difference.

    Windows, Programs & Games will take noticeably longer to load

    As a data drive for movies, music & such there you would not notice the difference unless you are moving large amounds of data around regulary.

    5400rpm drives are generally limited to laptops now.
    5400 died out in 3.5" drives for a good few years (40gb onwards really)

    there has been a revival and 5900 rpm 3.5" high capacity drives have been quite popular
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