hi guys starting this thread to figure which is the best video card manufacturer to buy the 5970 from? i know the xfx has hands down the best warranty because its a lifetime warranty but looking at the specs i can see that the sapphire 5970 has a little higher clock speed than the xfx and i believe that sapphire has been around longer than xfx. so my question is which is the better company to buy the 5970 from?
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  1. Whichever has it in stock.
  2. lol its funny because its somewhat true how can one of the most demanded cards out right now have an extremely low stock isnt it all suppose to be about supply and demand? its all about demand and low supply with these cards
  3. None of the companies are artificially keeping the supply low. They're producing them as fast as they can, but they just sell out so fast. I think you should consider yourself lucky that the price hasn't skyrocketed. It's only gone from $650 to $700.

    As for any technical differences, there aren't any between the cards at this point. So it's literally what's in stock or which one is cheaper.
  4. so what your saying is that there is no difference between the cards? besides the obvious warranty? i thought there would be a fundamental difference in the way different companies would make their versions of vid cards
  5. There generally aren't going to be large differences, otherwise the cards won't meet the standard specifications. This is especially true of new cards, where the companies are just trying to get them to market and aren't worrying too much about adding additional cooling or overclocking or anything.
  6. eh thats lame i was kinda hoping since its been out for a couple of months already they would have done something cool with it guess i have to wait till the gtx 480 comes out to benefit from the competition
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