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I cannot unistall firefox from my program files. I deleted firefox from my windows. I do not want firefox on my computer, but, the program will not
allow me to delete it. What to do next. Thanks leonardhamlin@verizon.net
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  1. Uninstall from program files? U mean from the Mozilla folder , the uninstall.exe, or U just tried to manually delete the mozilla folder and it won't let you?
    Or did U tried from add/remove in control panel?

    If you just deleted/try to delete the mozilla folder in program files, then U still have your profile left in the Aplication Data folder in your Documents and settings. It contains personal info such as bookmarks, cookies, etc.
    U can get your bookmarks from there, if U don't need them, just delete the folder.(it's a hidden folder, just click Show hidden files and folders in any folder's Tools menu >Folder options, and U should see it )
    And even if U mange to delete it, the registry keys remain.

    if it gives you an error when U try to uninstall, what is the actual error?
    I am asking this because some services might be in use (like plugin container) and U can stop it(them) with Task manager, then try uninstalling again.
    Or U can try uninstalling it in safe mode (tap a few times, F8 at Windows startup and select safe mode)

    Or if that doesn't work, we can try via cmd, later.

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