Can Xeon 2800 cpu fit in any modern Xeon motherboard?

I have a couple Xeon 2800 2.8Ghz CPUs which are a few years old. Can these CPUs fit in any current Xeon motherboard? I am planning to reuse these CPUs.

If you can recommend as well a good motherboard (around $300) with dual Xeon CPU sockets, that would be great!
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  1. No.

    Xeon 2800 is socket 603 so it will only fit a socket 603 or socket 604 motherboard. Xeon 2800B is socket 604 and will only fit in socket 604 motherboards.

    As these are very old now any boards will be refurbished jobs, but Intel and Supermicro do dual socket motherboards for these Xeons.

    Have a Google and see what takes your fancy.
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