G922HDL is it good ?

hi ..

what do u guys think about 922hdl is it good enough ?
i'm alittle bit confused because of the res only 1366 × 768 and i don't really like benq ... so i need help and correcting my information about this manufacture

i've lots of choices
SAMSUNG 23" 2333sw
BenQ T2200HD
SAMSUNG 18.5" 933

and btw i intend to buy the hd5850 i have intel e6750 cpu and gigabyte p31-ds3l

so what should i do ?!!!!!!
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  1. What's your budget? A good gaming monitor @ 1920x1200 should be about $170.
  2. my budget about 200 bux for the monitor
    i can buy the 2333sw but am thinkin' about saving some money to get a new motherboard

    and I'm worried about the high res too
    i don't really like to play on 1920 cuz it eats the performance
    that's why I thought that 922hdl would be better for me

    so if i get the 2333sw with hd5850 do u think it will be better?
    or 922hdl with the same card and upgrading my motherboard to pci-e 2.0
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    Get this:

    Your MOBO is fine, instead, buy a good Heatsink/Fan for your CPU and OC it.
  4. thx so much mate

    my idiot friend just put a bad idea in my mind
    he told me that the card will be slower with the x16 mobo
    but now i can see he is an idiot thank u

    I'll just do what you said
    cheers ...
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