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RAM suggestions

I have the i5 760, and the msi p55a g55 mobo.

Im looking for good 4gb ddr3 memory

Im deciding to get the 1333 or the 1600mhz but I cant decide.

Which one would be better for my processor.
BTW Im not planning to overclock anything.

Can you suggest some memory for me?
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    I was just thinking OVERCLOCK! but i read the rest of your post and you said "BTW Im not planning to overclock anything" Hmmm um I had to underclock my 1333 to like 1200 or something because it wasn't stable at my FSB speed 2300mhz :3 1333 should be cheaper i guess. If you want really really really really nice ram check out Corsair, I got G.Skill DDR3 which is great too. 4GB should be ok. I did notice a huge difference going from 3 to 5 gigs :D ALSO you want dual channel right? I think you can only dual channel on 3 or 6 gigs, i don't exactly know though.
  2. Crucial? But Crucial doesn't have fancy looking heatsinks :-p
  3. My G.Skills are preeeeettttty. :3 i lurv the aluminum heatsinks. Nice n red
  4. Would Corsair xms3 1600 be better than the g skill rip jaws?
  5. ? Its funny i get dual channel on 5gigs. Yea will do next time lol. @Alblue sure if you willing to spend the $
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  7. About dual channel you should be fine, if you get 2 two gig sticks of ram make sure you put them in slots 2 or 4 or 1 or 3
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