Dell Optiplex 755 SFF - Business Apps Card - NO GAMING

Just as the thread says; the onboard video just doesn't cut it. But with only a 280w PSU, and SFF, my choices appear to be limited. I purchased an MSI 8400GS low profile card that I thought would be a good step up from onboard. Price was right in the upper $30s range. But when I reviewed the specs., it requires a min. 350w power supply!

I just want a low profile card that gives me something better than onboard resources. I don't mind spending more than $40 or $50, but would rather not. And for this aging 755 SFF I do not want to replace PSU.
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    This hd 5450 should be a good option but a bit pricey at $43 + 6 shipping.
  2. If I had a MT or DT form factor you could be right. But this darn SFF is very limiting. The Sapphire line has good value products.
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