Q9550 @ 3.4GHz stuttering in BF3. FC3 is faster

as described above i get stuttering in BF3 MP and i dont want to go to 306.97 nvidia driver from 310.70 as i would loose like 10+% of fps.

i changed my memory multiplier from 333*2.4 to 400*2.4 and when i OC to 3.4GHz or even to 3.2GHz i get the stuttering
i am not doing anything with voltage everything is set to auto and pcie is 100mhz. memory is just 800mhz

thank you for any help
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  1. solved by oc ing directly in bios and not via easy tune, pcie set to 100mhz and ram voltage manual to 1.8V as thats the rams voltage

  2. Hey.. I have a Q9550 too.. any advice on OC it?

    I have never overclocked a system before and about to OC a Q9550
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